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New South Wales

Pacific Islands Trade and Invest (Australia)
Level 11, 171 Clarence Street
GPO Box 5407, Sydney NSW
Ph: (612) 9290 2133
Fax: (612) 9290 2151

"The Pacific Islands Trade and Invest aims to contribute to the sustainable economic advancement of the Pacific Island Forum countries by supporting private sector development in the region. Pacific Islands Trade and Invest is one of four overseas agencies of the Suva-based Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. "
Website :
World Resorts of Distinction
P O Box 355, Ormeau,
Queensland 4208.
Ph: (617) 38071666
Fax: (617) 38071644

"Founded in 1988, World Resorts of Distrinction is a marketing company offering full Representation and public relations services in NSW and Victoria. International offices for WRD are New Zealand and North America. WRD's key objective is to work with distinctive properties that offer special experiece for the consumer and to assure they are well supported from the markets in which we represent them. WRD is a founder member of World Tourism International Alliance Ltd."
Website :


Pacific Asia Tourism Pty Ltd.
P O Box 7855
Gold Coast
Ph: (61 7) 5533 3740
Fax: (61 7) 5533 3740

"Pacific Asia Tourism Pty Ltd is an independent research, consultancy and education/training organization focused on the capacity of sustainable tourism to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. "
Website :


Tourism Promotion and Marketing Network
Kaisserstrasse 47,
60329, Frankfort
Ph: (069) 264 864 81
Fax: (069) 264 864 82

"Marketing organisation based in Germany that help to promote the south pacific Tourism. Specializes for PNG tourism products and representative for Air Pacific based in Germany."
Website :


Kiribati Horizons
Tangitang Rd, Terereua
P O Box 454 Betio
Ph: (686) 26136
Fax: (686) 26332

"Hospitality business and currently operate two tourism businesses in Tarawa; the Ouba Islet Resort & Fishing Lodge and Royal Bar/nightclub. The Future plan for Kiribati Horizons is to build a fishing lodge in Kanton Island, where the world's largest Marine Park is and is going to be called the Kanton Island Expeditions."


Destination Iles Loyaute
BP 343 - 98845
Ph: (687) 276627
Fax: (687) 274827

"The Government tourist office of the Loyalty Islands, in New Caledonia. Loyalty Islands is part of the French territory of New Caledonia, whose mainland is 100 km (62 mi) way. They form the Loyalty Islands Province (province des îles Loyauté), one of the three provinces of New Caledonia. "
Website :


Pacific Islands Trade & Investment
P O Box 109395, New Market
Ph: (649) 529 5165
Fax: (649) 523 1284

"The Pacific Islands Trade & Investment Commission PITIC (NZ) was set up in 1988 as a trade commission to assist the Pacific Forum Island countries with marketing their products in NZ; to encourage investment in the Pacific and to promote Pacific Island tourism. PITIC (NZ) (formerly the South Pacific Trade Commission), is an office of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. "
Website :
Tourism Auckland
P O BOx 5561,
Wellesley St., Auckland, NZ.
Ph: (64 9) 979 7020
Fax: 649 979 7080

"The tourism body for the Auckland region. A vibrant South Pacific city perched within glistening harbours, surrounded by lush forests and subtropical islands. Auckland, City of Sails, offers an incomparable lifestyle, unique within New Zealand and the world. "
Website :
Video Tour Production
P O Box 47224
Auckland, NZ
Ph: 64 21 150 5000
Fax: 64 21 150 5000

"We provide website screens online videos about Fiji to tourists worldwide using broadband internet. The service is very simillar to Televison and is an interactive experience for the tourist who can easily click on to tourist operation websites which are promoted below the screening video ads. "

Other Region, New Zealand
P O Box 353,
Ph: 64 (3) 441 0700
Fax: 64 (3) 442 7441

"Brand New Zealand presents its book CLEAN & GREEN? A collection of New Zealand’s “clean and green” images in goods and services a long held but never formalized. The book analyses the advantages of the country’s green policies as well as their added value to the economy. "
Website :

National Capital District (Port Moresby)

Community-Based Tourism Foundation
P O Box 531, Gordons
Ph: 675 325 3043
Fax: 675 325 3043

"The overall goal of the Community-Based Tourism Foundation (CBTF) is to work in co-operation with the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority and tourism industry stakeholders to support the development of sustainable community-based tourism as an income generating activity for Papua New Guineans living in rural areas. "
PNG Tourism Industry Association
P O Box 1140, Port Moresby,
Ph: (675) 323 5251
Fax: (675) 325 4778

"The tourism industry of Papua New Guinea is motivated by the fundamental principle that tourism is and will continue to be based on Papua New Guinea’s rich environment and cultural resources. The tourism industry recognizes that it is the sensitive management of these resources that will foster growth of the industry into the future."


Tonga Tourist Association
C/O Faith Seminary Building
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Ph: (676)226 27 /8877027
Fax: (676) 226 27

"Tonga Tourist Association (TTA) is made up of private sectors organisation. It is non government and non funding; however work closely with the Tonga Visitors Bureau. Their main objectives are; to coordinate and facilitate tour operators that involved themselves in the tourism industry, to foster and encourage the improvement of tourist facilities, and to represent the private sector of the tourist industry in Tonga in trade shows, seminars and promotional activities."
Website :
Tourism Tonga
FWC Office Building
Ph: 676 23-997
Fax: 676 26-039

"The representative body for private sectors for Tonga, with over 150 members; It's programs are well monitored to accommodate the Tonga Ministry of Tourism's work plan. "
Website :
Wallis et Futuna Committee
P O Box 1847
Ph: 676 28465
Fax: 676 23915

"Our head office location in Tonga. Our objectives is to promote and upgrade our Homeland Wallis et Futuna Island stage for Tourism. At the meantime we are France Territore but most of our tourism from France only at this stage we workout how to develop tourism in our island. "


Vavau Tourist Association
C/- PO Box 18, Vavau.
Ph: (676) 70315
Fax: (676) 70315

"The association was established more than nine years ago with its main objective to promote tourism. One of the main priorities of the association is to increase tourism awareness and this is done through participation in local and overseas trade shows. The association also acts as a representative for members to government to help improve and develop tourism in Vava’u. "

Port Vila

Vanua Green
Conservation Unit
Forestry Department
Ph: (678) 231 71
Fax: (678) 250 51

"The Vanuatu Biodiversity Conservation Trust Fund has been principally established to provide a continuous source of financial assistance for the retention of forests in Vanuatu and related biological conservation. "