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Moon Handbook website link

The classic comprehensive guide to travel around hundreds of islands, Moon Handbooks South Pacific is loaded with insider information about Polynesia and Melanesia, not just the hot spots. In this fully revised seventh edition of his recognized masterwork, famed South Pacific travel writer David Stanley provides:

  • Biased evaluations of virtually every guesthouse, hostel, hotel, and resort in the islands
  • Practical advice on food, entertainment, shopping, visas, money, health, packing, and interisland travel
  • Special attention to outdoor recreation: swimming, diving, yachting, kayaking, biking, hiking, camping, climbing, caving, horseback riding, and more
  • Ecotravel information: profiles of local flora and fauna, environmental issues, and ecotour providers

This information-packed handbook offers more valuable insight than any other guide to Fiji. Veteran South Pacific writer David Stanley seamlessly integrates engaging narrative and no-nonsense travel advice to bring you everything you need to know about the 322-island Fiji archipelago. Highlights include:

  • A thought-provoking introduction to the people of Fiji, famed for their warmth, generosity, and fascinating array of traditional customs
  • Details on Fiji’s turbulent history, including coverage of the attempted coup in 2000
  • Vivid descriptions of the islands’ dazzling beaches, rain forests, and reefs, plus tips for enjoying outdoor activities like diving, surfing, sailing, hiking, and bicycling
  • Frank reviews of lodgings, from luxury resorts to beachfront bures
  • Hundreds of website listings and email addresses
  • 46 helpful maps
  • Long recognized as the premier travel writer to the South Pacific, author David Stanley narrows and deepens his focus in Moon Handbooks Tonga~Samoa. Covering the lush, tropical Samoas, the ancient kingdom of Tonga, and lonely little Niue, this book provides:

    • Penetrating coverage of the unique histories, cultures, and mores of the region
    • Practical tips on flights to Tonga-Samoa and interisland travel
    • Tips on where and what to eat: traditional Samoan palusami, the gargantuan Tongan feasts of Vava'u, and the pizzerias and mountainous ice-cream cones of Pago Pago
    • resorts, hostels, and everything in between - something for every budget
    • 25 detailed maps including islands, towns and roadways

    "Want to know about exploring Huahine by bicycle or dolphin-watching around Moorea? Done. Looking for details on Bora Bora's finest beaches or Gauguin's escape to the Marquesas? You'll find them in here. Big or small, mainstream or obscure, every worthwhile sight and activity in Tahiti and French Polynesia is covered in this book
    Suggestions on how to plan a trip that’s perfect for you, including:
       The Best of French Polynesia
       Underwater in the Tuamotu Islands
       The Australs: Off the Beaten Track
       The Magnificent Marquesas
       Romance on the South Seas
       The Life Aquatic
    • 55 detailed and easy-to-use maps

    Lonely Planet website link

    Want to get beneath the surface in Fiji? We'll take you underwater to explore beautiful coral gardens, and behind the scenes to find out what makes the locals tick. Whether you're lazing on the beach at an idyllic resort or trekking through the rugged highland interiors, this guide will be your most trusted traveling companion.

    • in-depth, insider's guide to the unique culture and society of Indo-Fijians
    • more suggestions for activities that you could poke a snorkel at
    • extensive transport options that'll have you hopping islands with ease
    • resorts, backpackers and everything in between - something for every budget
    • 40 detailed maps, including a full-colour country map

    From bustling Rarotonga to sleepy, beautiful Aitutaki or up-and-coming 'Atiu, each of the Cook Islands is covered in this meticulously researched guidebook. Whether you're after lazy days on a resort beach, late-night dancing or traditional Polynesian culture, let Lonely Planet find the island for you.

    • special section on traditional myths and legends
    • includes all 15 islands - from empty, mysterious Mangaia in the south to tiny, isolated Pukapuka in the north
    • thorough coverage of diving, trekking, windsurfing and cycling - just in case lazing on a warm beach is not enough
    • resorts, hostels, and everything in between - something for every budget
    • 25 detailed maps including islands, towns and roadways

    From camping on pristine, deserted beaches, to fine dining in the sophisticated capital, Noumea, this guidebook will help you discover all the delights of idyllic New Caledonia. Learn about traditional cultures, explore underwater worlds and lose yourself in a tropical hideaway.

    • 39 detailed maps, including the outer islands
    • guide to traditional Kanak arts
    • lingo lowdown: French and Kanak language sections
    • easy-to-use French and Bislama language chapter
    • tips on the best places to stay and eat, from budget options to top-end treats

    The Samoan Islands offer two cultures in one: traditional independent Samoa in the west, and modern American Samoa to the east. With this comprehensive guide to both territories, your stay in either one will be memorable and hassle free, whether you're snorkeling in crystal-blue lagoons or relaxing at the resort bar.

    • 19 maps - city streets, islands and national parks
    • special section on fa'a Samoa - traditional Samoan culture
    • Samoan language chapter
    • covers all budget options: resorts, hostels, fine restaurants and self catering
    • tips for kayakers, divers, snorkellers and trekkers

    Whether you're looking for an island hopping adventure to isolated palm-fringed atolls, or wanting to kick back and sip a maitai lagoonside at a chic resort, this detailed guide is your ticket to paradise.

    • 43 maps covering all five archipelagos
    • Special sections on tattooing, dance and archaeology
    • All the accommodation options, from relaxed family-style pensions to deluxe over-water bungalows
    • Handy language guide, with French and Tahitian words and phrases
    • Tips on transport options, from le trucks and pirogues to cargo ships and helicopters

    Treat yourself to a slice of heaven - tuck into Tongas turquoise lagoons, vibrant coral reefs, deserted beaches and tropical rainforest. From kava to lava, this indispensable guide reveals the secrets of this South Pacific gem.

    • 20 easy-to-read maps
    • experiences to remember, from traditional feasts of suckling pig to swimming with whales
    • options for action-seekers - diving, kayaking, caving, hiking, sailing - as well as sun-&-solitude-seekers
    • from yacht berths in secluded anchorages to beachside thatched fale - accommodation on any budget

    Make the most of your visit to Vanuatu! Whether you're keen to kick up your heels at the best kava bars in bustling Port Vila, trek to spectacular jungle waterfalls, snorkel in glorious underwater landscapes or laze on a deserted beach, this guidebook will point you in the right direction.

    • all the information you need to take you under the water, deep into a rainforest or up a volcanic mountain path
    • full range of places to stay and eat, including comprehensive coverage of resorts
    • background information on coral reef ecology and Vanuatu's complex history and culture
    • easy-to-use French and Bislama language chapter

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