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The South Pacific
A Community of 3,300 Islands
A Calabash of Culture & Curiosities
A Colourful & Aventurous Past
11 Million Square Miles of Oceans & Islands
From Five Star to Fale
The Birds & the Bees, the Flowers & the Trees

Meet The World’s Friendliest People

The South Pacific, home to people who have been largely unspoilt by the trappings of the outside world and who continue to live a traditional lifestyle which places kinship and kindness above the so-called civilised values of material possessions and wealth.

These are people who rely on the natural bounty of the sea and the land; who still live as their forebears, in harmony with nature and all the gifts she has bestowed on this vast expanse of oceans and islands.

This is a place like nowhere else on earth. Culture and tradition live side by side, gently guiding the lives and customs of these friendly, caring people.

Perhaps the words of a well known travel trade journalist who, when writing about the South Pacific, said it best:

"These are the lands before the wind.
Life is lived in the moment.
Tomorrow is only a concept. Today is a joy"

We hope that through our words and images we can convey to you just why you should discover the South Pacific and the countless joys and treasures which await you.

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