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Accommodation In Kiribati (Full Listing)
Christmas Island

Christmas Island
Ph: (686)81348
Fax: (686)81110

"Modest budget accommodation with clean facilities located on the famous Christmas Island in Kiribati."

Other Region, Kiribati

Adventure Dive & Fishing Lodge
Ronton Village,
Christmas Island
Ph: (686) 81 364
Fax: (686) 81 246

"Lodges accommodation located in Ronton, Christmas Island. The lodge has a a dive shop and we are also experts in putting your holiday together in the Christmas Islands....from accommodation to daytours, surfing, birdwatching, dive etc. "

Outer Islands, Kiribati

Big Eddies Fishing Lodge Bar
Christmas islands
Ph: 81 115

"Located in the main camp, about 30 minutes from London and situated along the white beach front overlooking the beautiful blue ocean. It also known as the Fishing Lodge, as it's guests are offered the best fishing experience on the island."
Nikuao Hotel
Abaiang Island
Ph: (686) 27 102
Fax: (686) 26 233

"The Nikuao Hotel is located on a white sandy beach just a few feet from the waters edge on the nearby island of Abaiang. It is about three hours by boat from Tarawa or 10 minutes flight by Air Kiribati. Facilities include one bungalow-type house with a toilet and bathroom: nine rooms with shared toilets and bathrooms, a large dining room and kitchen."
Pearl Shell Guest House
Butaritari Island
Ph: (686) 21 185
Fax: (686) 21 597

""A local style, authentic island escape in the lush surroundings of the beautiful Pacific Ocean" The Pearl Shell is a privately owned resthouse in the village of Onomaru, Butaritari Island. Opened in early 1997, it is constructed out of local materials and sits at the lagoon edge, making it a perfect idyllic island getaway. Your welcomming hosts, Ioanna and Bakaati, are local school teachers, fluent in English, and purveyors of the best hospitality in the Pacific. If you thought there aren't any paradises left in the Pacific, then visit the Pearl Shell and discover a secret hideaway in Kiribati. "


Betio Motel
PO Box 12
Betio, Tarawa
Ph: (686) 26 361
Fax: (686) 26 048

"The Betio Motel is located in the commercial centre of Betio. Facilities include restaurant and bar. All rooms have an air-conditioning unit. Video rental is also available at $10.00 per night. THIS HOTEL IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED!"
Buariki Hideaway
PO Box 8, Bairiki
Tarawa, Kiribati
Ph: (686) 26250

"This small resort in Northern Tarawa features four traditionally-built double guesthouses and one larger guesthouse overlooking the lagoon. Facilities include a small restaurant serving European and local food, a BBQ house, shared kitchen and a bath house. The owner is always pleased to help you organising fun activities such as snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving or village visits."
Buota Lodge
PO Box 171
Buota, Tarawa
Ph: (686)28906

"Clean and neat budget accommodation in Buota, on Tarawa Island."
Captain Cook Hotel
Main Camp
Kirimati Island
Ph: (686) 81 230
Fax: (686) 81 425

"The Captain Cook Hotel is located on Kiritimati Island. Facilities include 36 rooms with private bath, restaurant and bar. Airport transfers are provided."
Crystal Beach Fishing Resort
Te Rawa Ni Bakoa, Christmas Is
Ph: (686) 81091
Fax: (686) 81091

"Small unique resort caters for people who loves the beach. Located in Christmas Island."
Lagoon Breeze Lodge
PO Box 300
Ph: (686) 28 942
Fax: (686) 28 941

"The Lagoon Breeze Motel is about half way from the Airport to Bairiki. The motel has a very nice park and is close to the lagoon. It has 11 airconditioned and self contained rooms. Other Facilities are shared kitchen and Office service with Internet. "
Mary's Motel
PO Box 12, Bairiki
Tarawa, Kiribati
Ph: (686) 21362
Fax: (686) 21362

"Situated at the Government Administrative Centre, Mary's Motel is an international meeting point offering 16 modern rooms. Newer units are all with TV, air-conditioning, private ensuite, a fridge and tea & coffee making facilities. "
Mauri Paradise Dive Resort
Naa Buariki
Ph: (686) 21 646
Fax: (686) 21 646

"This resort is situated at Buariki village in North Tarawa just a few yards from the edge of a very peaceful lagoon. There is no electricity in this part of the island. The resort is about one and a half hours by boat from the main towns of South Tarawa. The resort is situated in the middle of a small peaceful village on Tarawa. It is perfectly made in the Kiribati traditional style. The village people use traditional skills in their daily life and they are very nice and friendly. "
Mini Hotel
Christmas Island
Ph: (686) 81 371
Fax: (686) 81001/81336

"A family run hotel with 1 single room, 3 double/single rooms.All the rooms are fan /air cooled. Moreover we offer 2 triple air cooled, en-suite rooms. The Mini Hotel provides meals on a fixed menu featuring local, European and oriental dishes. Organise fishing package tours; eg. fly-fish and deep water. Other activities like scuba diving and snorkelling, birdwatching is available from the hotel. Rental car hire can be arranged."
Motira Beach Lodge
Christmas Islands
Ph: (686) 81115
Fax: (686) 81115

"Located in the main camp, about 30 minutes from London and situated along the white beach front overlooking the beautiful blue ocean. It also known as the Fishing Lodge, as it's guests are offered the best fishing experience on the island. "
Otintaai Hotel
PO Box 270 Bikenibeu
Ph: (686) 28 084
Fax: (686) 28 045

"The Hotel is located on the edge of the peaceful Tarawa lagoon. The hotel is Government owned and the facilities including 40 air-conditioned rooms with restaurant, lounge and bar. "
Ouba Islet Resort and Fishing Lodge
P O Box 454, Betio
Ph: (686) 26136
Fax: (686) 26332

"Ouba is an ecologically friendly resort and have made minimal impact on the islet and its surrounds consistent with providing you with some basic comforts within a traditional Kiribati village setting. The activities include fishing and snorkeling are world class, offer game fishing in some of the most productive waters of the Central Pacific as well as food fishing off the resort surrounding reefs and in the lagoon. "
Website :
Raion Home Stay
Ph: (686)26157
Fax: (686)26233

"Located at the very end of South Tarawa in Abatoa."
Sweet Coconut Motel
Ph: (686) 21 487

"The Sweet Coconut Motel is located near the ocean side at Tebunia on South Tarawa, about 15 minutes drive from the airport. Facilities include three double rooms and two single rooms with private cooking facilities, shower and shared toilet. The rate is $15.00 for single per night and $30.00 for double."
Tabon Te Keekee Homestay
Tarawa, Kiribati
Ph: (686) 28715
Fax: (686) 28258

"Located on peaceful North Tarawa, the small property of Tabon te Keekee offers traditional style guesthouses, overlooking the lagoon in a friendly, family atmosphere. It is an ideal retreat in which to relax island style."
Tarawa Motel
PO Box 59
Bairiki, Tarawa
Ph: (686) 21 445

"The Tarawa Hotel is located at Ambo on South Tarawa and offers six rooms with private cooking facilities, two toilets, two showers, two kitchens, two lounges and fridges. Situated close to the main road opposite the famous Ambo Lagoon Club and it is handy to public transport."
Te Maeu Lodge
South Tarawa, Kiribati
Ph: (686) 28501
Fax: (686) 28501

"Located on the oceanside of Eita, this small lodge mainly serves silent-seeking travellers on South Tarawa. It has six rooms that are partly with air-con."
Ambo Village, Tarawa, Kiribati
P.O Box 120, Bairiki, Tarawa
Ph: (686) 22530
Fax: (686) 62726

"Utirerei Guesthouse is situated in the heart of Tarawa, Ambo Village, with the Bonriki International Airport on one side and the Bairiki and Betio Town Centres on the other! We cater for all types of travelers whether you are here for business or pleasure"