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Kona Mauri!

Kiribati is for travellers - those who have a passion for exploring and discovering, people who like an adventure off the tourist trail to places where few have been before, and people who want to understand a country - not just see it.

Situated in the equatorial pacific, Kiribati offers world class fishing (both game and bone fishing) from Kiritimati Island. In the west of the country is the Gilbert group of islands, which offer amazing and unique cultural experiences and private island escapes.  If that's not enough, the country's capital of Tarawa has historic sites and artefacts where one of the bloodiest battles of World War II took place.

Climate: Temperature varies between 25c and 33c.  The wet season is December to May.  A gentle sea breeze is predominant from the eastern quarter.   

Accommodation: Ranges from comfortable hotels, motels, private island getaways and village guesthouses.

Airlines:  International Airlines include Air Pacific to Tarawa from Nadi and a charter service provided by Maritime Air Charter from Honolulu to Kiritimati Island  Domestic:  Air Kiribati and Coral Sun Airways offer domestic services to the Gilbert Islands.

Entry requirements:  Valid passport and onward ticket. Visas not required for most countries.  

Health:  Main hospitals are located in both Tarawa and Kiritimati Islands.

Currency:  Australian Dollar (AU$)

Transport:  Overseas driving licences and international. Visitors are required to obtain a Kiribati drivers licence for stays of more than two weeks.

Language:  Main language is I-Kiribati.  English is understood on the Capital and Kiritimati Island, but less so on the outer islands.

For more information contact: Kiribati National Tourism Office


Ministry of Communication, Transport and Tourism Development
PO Box 487, Betio, Tarawa, Kiribati
Tel: (686) 25573
Fax: (686) 26193
E-mail: or

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Map of Kiribati


Tourism and related organisations in Kiribati

Kiribati Horizons
Tangitang Rd, Terereua
P O Box 454 Betio
Ph: (686) 26136
Fax: (686) 26332

"Hospitality business and currently operate two tourism businesses in Tarawa; the Ouba Islet Resort & Fishing Lodge and Royal Bar/nightclub. The Future plan for Kiribati Horizons is to build a fishing lodge in Kanton Island, where the world's largest Marine Park is and is going to be called the Kanton Island Expeditions."
Website :
Travel agents and airlines specialising in Kiribati

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PNG Japan Ltd.
1st Floor,-Okasawa Bdg; 1-7-3
Kudan-Kita.Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Ph: (813) 5226 7731
Fax: (813) 5226 7669

"Tour Operator & wholesaler of Papua New Guinea and also other countries in the Pacific. "
Website :

Air Kiribati
P O Box 274
Ph: (686) 280 88
Fax: (686) 28216

"Air Kiribati, the only airline of the Republic of Kiribati is established on 01st April 1995 after the former airline known as Air Tungaru Ltd been demolished. Despite being the only airline Air Kiribati to it's very best through it's dedicated and friendly staff main objectives focused on customer satisfaction. Air Kiribati operates only domestic flight frequently to all the Kiribati islands except to the Line and Phoniex Islands."