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Activities on Nauru Holidaying on Nauru promises to be a unique experience but it still offers all the benefits of 'island time' and Pacific Island relaxation. Relax back and enjoy the tropical sunshine, snooze at your hotel or get out and about and see the island. Here's a list things to do on extraordinary Nauru: fishingDeep sea game fishing Locals with privately owned boats hire out their vessels to take you deep sea game fishing on request. There are a number of local people involved and it is best to organise your trip through the staff at your hotel. Journeys to deeper waters surrounding Nauru are undertaken dependent on availability of boats, weather and sea conditions etc. However once out on the Pacific blue, anglers can catch a great selection of fish including marlin, yellowfin tuna, skipjack, barracuda and more. Scuba diving Clear water and an unspoilt reef mean scuba diving from Nauru is a popular activity. There is a variety of marine life to be seen and one significant wreck to dive. Scuba diving equipment can be hired on the island. swimmingSwimming It's not a real vacation if you can't cool off in the big blue...locals recommend the beach next to the Menen Hotel as the best place to take a swim. Walks The central area of Nauru offers an interesting walk around the pinnacles that make up the remains of the phosphate mine. Menen Hotel organises walking tours through this area. Otherwise, the island's green belt circles the island and provides roads for driving or walking. shoppingShopping - arts and crafts Menen Hotel boutique has gifts and books. Other small stores sell a variety of food and goods. Tobacco and alcohol are duty free. The Nauru Philatelic Bureau offers a range of sought after Philatelic issues of Nauru. Arts and crafts are available from small owner operated stores dotted around the island. Artisans sell their own artworks from these stalls within their own districts. Food and Entertainment Menen Hotel has two restaurants offering a variety of cuisine and provides regular barbecues. Reynaldo's is another well known local restaurant, offering Chinese cuisine

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