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Getting to the Pacific from North America
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Canada   United States  

Bula Vacations
12416 NW 36th Ave.
Suite 1A, Vancouver
Ph: 877 2198826

"Discover why Fiji is still considered to be unparalleled in its tranquil beauty. Come and soak in the warm, tropical sun and walk on white beaches kissed by the balmy, azure sea. The open arms and hearts of the Fijian people will welcome you from the moment you arrive, and you’ll receive superior service during your stay."
Website :
Downunder Travel Vancouver
102, 1907 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1M7
Ph: 604-742-0775
Fax: 604-742-0775

"Downunder Travel staff are your true South Pacific specialists. Everyone at Downunder Travel has either lived or travelled often to the South Pacific and are here to share firsthand experience. With offices across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto."
Travel Matters and Tours Ltd.
76A Avenue, Surrey
Ph: 6045431646
Fax: 6045431646


United States

A & A South Pacific Tours
39 South LaSalle Street,
Suite 1424 Chicago, Il, USA
Ph: 1 (312) 629 0100
Fax: 1 (312) 629 0110

"A wholesaler and tour operator based in Chicargo; specialises in holiday packages for the South Pacific. "
Adventures Around the World
4325 Glencoe Ave#C5.
Marina Del Rey, CA
Ph: 310 664 8735
Fax: 310 821 3124

"Spelicializes in packaging for adventure-tours for the South Pacific."
Brendan Worldwide Vacation
21625 Prairie Street,
Chatsworth, California
Ph: 818 428 6000
Fax: 818 772 6492

"Specialised in wedding packages, honeymoon packages, family adventures and tours packages. "
Destination World
21130 Costanso #4,
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Ph: (310) 227 7737
Fax: (310) 227 7737

"Destination World is an Australian owned and operated travel company with a major difference. We custom design itineraries for those who have been captivated by the extraordinary, and will not rest until they have experienced it again! We provide South Pacific travel programs to the travel agent community as well as the individual traveler. "
Fiji Travel
8885 Venice Blvd, Suite 202.
Ph: 800 500 3454
Fax: 310 202 8233

"Specialised in tour packages for Fiji and her neibghboring islands. For the past 20 years, Fiji Travel have been the recognized experts and leaders in the field of customized travel. "
Great Destinations
7 Colby Court
Scramento, CA.
Ph: (916) 925 7714
Fax: (916) 925 2440

"Wholesale company specialised is diving tours for Indo and South Pacific."
Great Expeditions Travel
P O Box 65, Hygiece,
CO 805 33 0065
Ph: 720 494 1530
Fax: 720 494 1542

"Great Expeditions is a full service wholesale travel company. Specialises in customize vacation itineraries for individuals, groups and families looking for adventures and memories that last a lifetime."
Jetabout Vacations
300 Continental Blvd.,
Suite 350, El Segundo, CA
Ph: (800) 348 8145
Fax: (800) 348 8145

"Jetabout has provided North American travelers with wonderful vacations for nearly two decades. Travel agents know us primarily as Qantas Vacations, the market leader in leisure travel to Australia and New Zealand. For destinations not directly served by Qantas Airways, like Tahiti, we use the Jetabout branding, known so well throughout Europe and the countries of the South Pacific. Los Angeles Head Office E-mail: Reservations: (800) 348-8145 FAX: (310) 535-1057 Address: Jetabout Vacations 300 Continental Blvd., Suite 350 El Segundo, CA 90245 USA Webmaster: For corrections or problems with this website. "
Newmans Vacations
300 Continental Blvd,
Suite 350, EL Segundo CA
Ph: 800 342 1956
Fax: 310 215 9705

"Specializes in putting holiday packages together for the South Pacific Islands. "
Level 29,680 George Street,
BoxQ773,QVB Post office Sydney
Ph: (612) 9391 4931
Fax: (612) 9264 0559

"Orbitz Worldwide is a leading global online travel company that uses innovative technology to enable leisure and business travellers to research, plan and book a broad range of travel products. "
Website :
Pacific Destination Center
18685 -101 Main St, PMB#377
Huntington Beach, CA 92648 US
Ph: 714-960-4011
Fax: 1-800-227-5617

"Established tour operator specialising in selling the south pacific destinations of Australia, NZ and its neighbouring south pacific islands. We tailor-make or customize every itinerary to suit our client’s interests, requirements & budget. We have a reputation for excellence, honesty, good value and great service. We cater to the North American market with a broad range of experiences, engaging tours and packages for the active discerning traveler who enjoys culture, nature, adventure and the outdoors. "
Website :
Pacific Islands Institute
3566 Harding Ave Suite 202
Honolulu, HI 96816
Ph: 808-732-1999
Fax: 808-732-9555

"Pacific Island institute is an educational travel company specilizing in groups of 10 or more travelling to Hawaii and the South Pacific. For nearly 20 years, we have been providing high-quality travel, learning experiences to affinity and senior groups, families and other organizations. "
Website :
9595 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 410
Beverly Hills
Ph: 1 310 550 7620
Fax: 1 310 550 7684

" will be a real time and comprehensive booking venue for the Pacific Region, accessing destination and product information, and allowing all users to create and purchase unique itineraries from everywhere in the world."
Website :
Resorts Media
12815 Coral Tree Place
Los Angeles.
Ph: (310) 301 0721
Fax: (310) 823 0673

"Marketing and Advertising company that promotes the South Pacific region, with their office is located in Los Angeles and French Polynesia."
Sea Fiji Travel
P O Box 544, Niwot,
Colorado 80544, USA
Ph: (303) 652 0751
Fax: (303) 652 0751

"Sea Fiji Travel (USA) specializes only in Fiji and has been arranging custom itineraries to one of the South Pacific's best scuba diving destinations for over 16 years. Choose from resorts in Taveuni, Beqa, Savusavu, Kadavu, the Sun Coast, Mamanucas, Yasawas, liveaboards, and many other Fijian resort locations. "
South Seas Adventures
7171 N. 63rd Street,
Longmont CO
Ph: 303 440 8675
Fax: 303 417 0557

"We are a South Pacific travel specialist & travel wholesaler with 17 years experience; small enough to offer personalized service and customized travel, yet large enough to provide complete travel services. "
Swain Tours
6W lancaster Ave. Ardmore,
Ph: 610 896 9595
Fax: 610 896 9592

"Specialises in tours and travel for the South Pacific countries. "
Universal Travel System
P O Box 7050
Santa Monica, CA.
Ph: (310) 393 0261
Fax: (310) 395 9511

"A tour operator who has been operating for the last 36 years. They are prepared to provide their clients with the itinerary they need including transporation, transfers, sightseeing and accommodation."
Website :

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A&A; Holidays
4667 N, Manor Avenue
Chicargo, IL
Ph: 773 509 0100
Fax: 773509 0110

"Specialised in organising package tours to the South Pacific. Traveling with confidence is the only way to travel, and this is why A&A; Holidays, Ltd. has set out on a mission to customize, verify and enhance travelers’ itineraries to reflect the best possible trip for individual clients. "
Absolute South Pacific
Absolute South Pacific
15 Watts St., Floor 5, NY,NY
Ph: (800)736-8187

"Since 1989 Absolute Asia, the leading provider of deluxe, custom-designed travel, has been offering an unrivalled collection of creative itineraries to over 30 destinations. In response to a growing demand for similar services in Australia, Absolute South Pacific, a division devoted exclusively to travel in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific islands, was created in 1997. Most recently, in 2001, we expanded into many countries in Africa -- regions with magnificent cultural and natural wonders - with the launch of Absolute Africa."
Air New Zealand - USA
1960 East Grand Ave, Suite 900
El Segundo CA
Ph: 1800 262 1234
Fax: 1800 272 9494

"Air New Zealand is an international and domestic airline group which provides air passenger and cargo transport services within New Zealand, as well as to and from Australia, the South West Pacific, Asia, North America and the United Kingdom. "
ATS Tours & Islands in the Sun
2381 Rosecrans Avenue,
Suite 325, EL Seguldo, CA
Ph: 310 643 0044
Fax: 310 643 0032

"Committed to South Pacific travel since 1971; started as a tour operator to Australia and has expanded over the years to NZ and other neighboring south pacific islands. When you travel with us, you enjoy the benefit of more than 30 years' experience - years of arranging tours for tens of thousands of travelers, of discovering all the South Pacific has to offer, and years of client feedback. "
Brenda Worldwide Vacations
21625 Prairie Street,
Chatsworth, CA
Ph: 818 428 6000
Fax: 818 772 6492

"Specialised in wedding & honeymoon package, leisure & families, adventure, nature, cruises, sailing, meetings etc. "
Business & Leisure Holidays
1580 Makaloa Street, Ste 1118
Honolulu, HI
Ph: 808 949 8100
Fax: 808 941 5177

"Specialises in holiday packages "
Creative Leisure International
951 Transport Way
Petaluma, CA
Ph: 800 413 1000
Fax: 707 778 1800

"Specialized in package holidays to Tahiti. Creative Leisure is recognized as the industry leader in the design of customized, luxury vacation packages for couples, families, corporate incentive programs and groups. Each Creative Leisure booking is individually planned to match the interests, and budget, of the traveler. Creative Leisure "
Discover Down Under
1720 S. Bellaire #1210,
Denver, CO
Ph: 303 300 0148
Fax: 303 300 0185

"Specialised in package tours to the South Pacific countries including New Zealand and Australia. We dive, snorkel, sail, golf, shop, sight-see! We love adventure but also like to take time to smell the coffee! We bring you the rich cultural heritage of the Maori, Aborigine and Europeans. These cultures are our cultures. Tell us what you like and lets work together to make your trip the best! "
Discover Wholesale Travel
2192 Dupont Drive, Ste 116,
Invine, CA
Ph: 949 833 1136
Fax: 949 833 1176

"Spelized in tours and travel packages to the south pacific. "
Goway Travel
8651 Lincoln Blvd,
LAX, CA 90045
Ph: 800 387 8850
Fax: 800 665 4432

"Specialises in tour packages to the South Pacific. Since 1970, Goway has been providing nforgettable travel experiences to Asia, Africa, and Downunder. Today we offer a wide choice of travel ideas to more than 40 countries. Come explore, experience and enjoy our world with us!"
Happy Tours
1 Victor Square,
Scotts Valley, CA
Ph: 831 4610113
Fax: 831 461 0150

"Since 1969, Happy Vacations has been helping people plan their tropical vacations. Currently we provide vacation packages complete with airline travel, accommodations, car or transfer services, and now extensive tours & activities. Our destinations include Hawaii, premier islands in the Caribbean, coastal resort areas of Mexico, and the South Pacific including Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, and for 2006 New Zealand"
Inta - Aussie Tours
9841Airport Blvd, Ste 1402,
Los Angeles, CA.
Ph: 310 568 2060
Fax: 310 568 2068

"Specializes in travel to the South Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu"
Island Adventures
574 Mills Way, Goleta
Ph: 805 685 9230
Fax: 805 685 0960

"Specialises in travel and tours to the South Pacific, including the Cook Islands "
Pacific Escape
Issaquah, WA .
Ph: 425 657 1900
Fax: 425 373 0305

"Specilises in holiday package to the South Pacific, including Fiji, Tahiti, and Cook Islands. "
Panorama Holidays
14814 Madison Avenue,
Lakewood Ohio
Ph: 216 228 9339
Fax: 216 228 8565

"Specialises in arranging travel and holiday packages to the South Pacific; including Fiji, Tahiti and Cook Islands."
Pleasant Holidays
2404 Townsgate Road,
Ph: 800 742 9244
Fax: 805 379 4039

"We are specialised in putting together special tour packages for most countries in the South Pacific including Tahiti and Fiji. We have been in business for more than 40 years. We've certainly come a long way, and we couldn't have done it without you, our partners in travel. In all that time, the changes in our business and the travel industry have been astounding, but one constant has remained. Our history has shown that continued growth comes by consistently offering the best possible travel values. "
Rascals in Paradise
1 Daniel Burnham Court
Suite 105_C, San Francisco, CA
Ph: 415 921 7000
Fax: 415 775 0900

"Specialises in arranging family tour packages to the Souh Pacific."
Reef and Rainforest
400 Harbor Drive Suite D.
Sausalito, CA, USA
Ph: 415 289 1760
Fax: 415 289 1763

"Reef & Rainforest Dive and Adventure Travel is a full-service travel agency specializing in scuba diving and adventure travel to exciting and exotic destinations around the world. We offer personalized planning for discerning travelers who are looking for customized trips to make the most of those precious few weeks of vacation each year."
Society Expeditions
2001 Western Ave, Ste 300
Seattle, WA
Ph: 206 728 9400
Fax: 206 728 2301

"Specialises in arranging tours and travel including the South Pacific countries."
2335 Honolulu Ave. Montrose,
Ph: 818 553 3226
Fax: 818 249 8877

"Specialises in sports and adventure tour packages to the South Pacific; including the Cook Islands."
Sunbeam Tours
3631 S Harbour Blvd. #225.
Santa Ana, CA
Ph: 714 434 1810
Fax: 714 434 8009

"Specialises in arranging tours and travel to the South Pacific Islands."
Sunspots International
1918 N.E. 181st Portland
Ph: 503 666 3893
Fax: 503 661 7771

"Dedicated to bringing you professional service, with superb quality and outstanding value. Sunspots International specializes in custom vacation and dive packages for individuals or groups; sending clients to Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, New Caledonia and the Kingdom of Tonga. "
Tahiti Legends
19891 BEach Blvd # 107
Huntington Beach CA.
Ph: 1714 374 5656
Fax: 1714 374 7262

"Specialises in arranging tours, wedding & honeymoon packages, Leisure/family and advertures. "
Tahiti Vacations, Inc.
21625 Prairie Street,
Chatsworth, CA.
Ph: 800 553 3477
Fax: 818 773 8282

"Specializes in travel and holiday packages for Tahiti."
Zegrahm Expedition
1414 Dexter Ave North,
Ste 327, Seattle, WA.
Ph: 206 285 4000
Fax: 206 272 9494

"Specialises in holidays for the South Pacific"